Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Revive 2013

 Well, it has come and gone again, but not without a lasting impact on everyone who attended or served at Revive 2013!

The theme this year was ‘Shine’ inspired by Matthew 5:16 where our Lord instructs us all to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

With an unprecedented number of people in attendance this year, well over 200, the Coptic Centre UK was filled with lively and dynamic youth in search of spiritual nourishment, fruitful fellowship and exciting activities. His Grace Bishop Angaelos, our beloved host, said of this year’s Revive:

“It was lovely to see our youth actively engaging in the spiritual talks and benefitting from the words of His Grace Bishop Youssef, who journeyed across the world to give us all the benefit of His insight and knowledge. I am so pleased to see the high turnout this year, because it is in coming together that we can truly experience the power of the Holy Spirit that works in us all to shine to those closest to us, and then to all who we encounter. Thank you to all the faithful servants who contributed to this year’s Revive, and to all those who attended; may we continue to let the light of God within us shine.”

Let’s hear what some of the youth had to say about Revive 2013:

‘I learnt how to build a better relationship with God in order to shine! My favourite activity was the bouncy castle. A very hectic, yet unusually calm experience.’ - Alexander Malhar, Strand 14-15

 ‘I think the spiritual content of the talks were really good because I got more about how we can shine in other people’s lives. Also, it was presented really well, not only by talks but by a video clip which made it more interesting. Activities were good; I went on the bouncy castle and also took part in the indoor activities. I met loads of new people by participating in these activities. The atmosphere was amazing! Everybody was positive, especially at the bonfire when everyone was singing – it was brilliant! The praise and worship was also amazing, because there was a positive vibe in the atmosphere which makes you feel so close to God in the moment! And not to mention, the food was brilliant!’ - Yustina Zan, Strand 16-17

‘The talks were really good. Anba Youseff’s lectures were really interesting, length and subject was very appropriate. The analogy used with the earth, moon and sun was very helpful as it helped explain the concept of ‘shine’ really well. Mary’s talk was also very good, she was really interactive and I felt I learnt a lot during this conference. There needed to be more interactive group activities, not just football and treasure hunt, also, two years ago we had a talent show/ church presentations which were a lot of fun and helped bring people together. I also think there were too many young people this year. Maybe split it up into two conferences? I liked the talks the most as I really benefitted from them. ’-  Eustina Hanna, Strand 18-19
 ‘Anba Youseff’s talks I found beneficial as the advice applied to my daily life. E.g. prayer distractions and when attending weddings how to come together for the bride and groom while evangelising. I enjoyed the bouncy castle/football/smaller games in the main hall/bonfire. It was chaotic, but timing was spot on. Organisation for the workshop I was in was difficult due to large numbers, the food was great. Personally, I appreciated getting to know girls and boys from my church on a better level and other kids from different churches. Also, tasbeha was amazing, and the overall atmosphere with both the Sayedna’s presence was great with their laid back and friendly attitudes.’ - Julie Kheir, Servant

 ‘Anba Youssef’s talk was really good, I benefitted a lot, I wish he gave us more talks. There were good activities but there needs to be more for the kids. Overall it was a great atmosphere, I loved seeing friends from different churches.’ Mina Hanna, Servant